Friday, May 2, 2008

Sadam Hussein was a dictator and jackass

Sadam Hussein was awful dictator and jackass , who destroyed his country in the end and sent the middle east to the hell.
he was a corrupted person who stole millions and it is enough to see the standard his daughters are living in currently in Amman with their children , whom by the way educated according the American educational system at the same thousands if not millions of the Iraqi children do not go to schools anymore and have to work to feed their families.
Sadam Hussein had no excuse to send all those people to jail to be tortured and executed for vague charges
The real Arab Nationalism which I believe in is innocent from him because Arab nationalism does not say you have to invade your neighbor countries including the Arabic ones like Kuwait , kill its own people and steal their fortune. There is no excuse for what he had done
Unfortunately just like Hitler ,this guy has supporters till now and this shows there is a problem in the Arabic thinking
in the end here is an ugly image for him , and his family