Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Myth of the Nuclear Iran

Iran and its nuclear program are a threat to the world’s peace according to some countries in the world. If You think about it , Iran can’t  be considered as a real Nuclear country because Iran imports the supplies needed for its nuclear program whether from raw materials needed like Uranium or the technicians from Russia.If you stop providing Iran with the Uranium and other materials needed to operate the nuclear stations, then Iran will not able to operate the stations and thus it will have no power no more. Of course this is what Israel and United States try to do by forming some sort on pressure on Russia and China. 
This is a general fact everybody should know before speaking about Iran , this is a general fact the Arab states should realize and understand before getting scared from their old rival and start to build their nuclear program,
I can’t call Iran a  nuclear country then to be precise.
We must use our minds in better way.

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