Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Fall of Mideast of Las Vegas

I do not expect that that government of Dubai nor its rulers have seen the financial crisis coming , they were and are not ready for this economic hurricane regardless of what Sheikh Mohamed says or claims in his online interview with the Egyptian press. The sheikh believes that his desert miracle jewel will survive is not affected by the 73063874 financial crisis and that’s why people leave the cars they borrowed to get in Dubai and take the first jets leaving Dubai international airport , yes that fancy airport !!

With my all respect to Prince Mohamed and his enthusiasm for his city which I wish that our officials share it for Egypt , his city was built upon the capitalistic system , only now they began to speak about the Islamic economic system !!! 

Dubai grew too fast and this is what I expect that its fall will be fast too.  Spending too much on useless luxurious stuff always bring

Read this interesting report in the guardian about the dark side of Dubai.

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