Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wake Up Gamal You are not Obama or even Caroline Kennedy !!!

When JFK JR was a dashing young man ,he was said to be asked on a daily basis by people whether he would run for presidency or not ,it was the wish of the American people that the American Royalty would say yes despite he did not show a direct n1510071714_41752_459 interest in politics leaving the legacy  of his family to his uncle Teddy or his uncle Bobby’s son. Some Americans took it for granted that sooner or later John JR will be John Kennedy the 2nd in the White if it were not for his sudden and tragic death. His sudden death is now a conspiracy theory by the way.Still I found out some Americans believed that if JFK JR was alive he would have ran for Presidency instead of Obama and that just like him he would won in a historical Vote. Unlike G.W Bush ,the son of Bush , this is the Original Kennedy ,the son of JFK and Jackie.There were news that he wanted to run for the Senate seat in NY ,the same position his sister Caroline wanted to get it. It is so interesting to me to see all the love and admiration to late JFK JR because of his Kennedy legacy , his mother stardom alike  and also his character, he had a charisma.

Unlike JFK JR Gamal Mubarak was not expected to show interest in presidency except when he showed a great direct interest and unlike JFK JR he is not admired at all ,his dad not is JFK and his mom is not Jackie O. For God Sake Gamal Mubarak does not go from Zamalak to where ever he works in now on a bicycle like later JFK JR. Even in their marriages JFK JR married a commoner not from a big rich family like his where as Mubarak JR married a rich girl that is 20 years younger than him .

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